Oslo Airport City

Oslo Airport City is an extensive and current urban development project located between Oslo Airport and the town of Jessheim. Oslo Airport is Norway's largest and Scandinavia's second largest airport.

Oslo Airport City aims to complement, reinforce and create synergies between already existing entities in the area, as well as being a driving force behind the new commercial park.

Airport cities are the wave of the future

Aerotropolises (airport cities) have been attracting considerable interest in recent years. The demand for commercial services and recreational areas near airports is increasing globally. Airports are traditionally thought of as places serving the air transport industry. Today they have become multifunctional conglomerates which generate substantial commercial development and a significant revenue stream on a micro and macro level. This is giving way to a much broader concept where airports are no longer only built around large cities. Now, cities are emerging around airports. In other words; city airports are transforming into airport cities.

The developer's vision emanates from decisions made by the government of Norway and by the City of Oslo to expand public transport and traffic hubs in Oslo and in the cities near Oslo. The company has assigned the task of designing the new aerotropolis to a working group consisting of three of its board members.

1.100 square meters owned by the company

1 mill. m2 planned for construction



Oslo Airport City (OAC) is an urban property development project which aims to build approximately 1 million square meters of approx. 1 mill. square meters of:

  • Hotels
  • Convention/conference/trade fair center
  • Offices
  • Trade
  • Logistics
  • Industry, manufacturing and processing
  • Service/service providers
  • Recreation

All this will occur adjacent to Oslo Airport, with direct communication to the airport express train, the E6 freeway, the E16 freeway and the town of Jessheim. Jessheim is a small, yet important and expanding commercial centre which attracts a variety of businesses and industries.

Ever-increasing globalization is a relevant factor to the development of Oslo Airport City. Continuous growth generates a demand for an increased number of accommodation opportunities, convention centres, trade/service, logistics/transportation as well as recreational facilities in close proximity to both national and international state-of-the-art transport hubs.

Some projects already underway

40.000 new jobs

approx. 30 mill. travellers passed through OSL in 2019

Board of directors

  • Thor E. Thoeneie

    Managing director

  • Fredrik Torgersen


  • Anders Vedal

    Board member and city developer

  • Other board members

  • Morten Grongstad


  • Finn Erik Røed