Oslo Airport City

Vision: To create a new destination in the form of the nation ́s largest, most important, and centrally located business park at Gardermoen, serving as a transit-oriented development for the entire nation.

Strategy: We aim to be highly active in the development, planning, leasing, sales, and implementation of our projects and less active in ownership and facility management after fulfilling our contractual obligations.

We will continuously assess whether projects should be carried out in-house or in strategic partnerships with, or sale of property to, actors and users that contribute to an increased value creation in individual projects and/or for the overall destination development.

Primary goal: Oslo Airport City, OSL, and the town of Jessheim will collectively serve as the gateway to and from the Oslo region, Norway, and the Nordic countries. This will be achieved through destination development that emphasises sustainable development, the creation of new permanent workplaces, and the implementation of innovative future-oriented energy solutions.

Concept: Developing Norway's first airport city based on the overarching guidelines outlined in the 2015 Oslo and Akershus Area and Transport Plan. This plan focuses on transit-oriented development with comprehensive public transport coverage and accessibility on a regional, national, and international level, focusing on

1) the development of OAC Central Park – a central area that differentiates itself from competing business areas at Gardermoen by offering urban amenities such as hotels, conference centre, offices, trade, parks, activity buildings etc. These features enhance the value for users and visitors as well as for the overall destination.

2) Establishment of clusters within Seafood, Mobility, and new areas such as Health, Renewable energy etc.

3) Development of OAC Logistics Park – a versatile logistics and warehouse zone catering specifically for airport-related activities with secondary functions such as offices, administration, production etc. Located to the west and north of OAC Central Park, competing for larger warehouse/logistics players that can benefit from its proximity to the central infrastructure of OSL, rail, E6 and 16.

Segment distribution:
(1) OAC Logistics Park, (2) OAC Mobility Park, and (3) OAC Central Park

Structure: We are involved in the development, leasing, construction, sales and, to a lesser extent, involved in the ownership, which serves as a strategic tool for our owners in the development of a new destination. We continuously assess in-house development versus partnerships and/or property sales.

Oslo Airport City will complement, strengthen, and create synergies with the existing value- creating establishments in the area. It will also act as a driving force in establishing a new destination directly connected to OSL - Norway's largest and the Nordic region's second-largest airport.

Airport cities are the future

Airport cities have attracted significant interest in recent years. The demand for locations near airports is growing globally. Airports are evolving from being the primary infrastructure for air transport to multifunctional transit-oriented developments, catalysing strong commercial development at both micro and macro levels. Airports are no longer constructed around major cities; now, cities are being structured around airports, with international development occurring at an increasingly rapid pace.

Over 1,100 acres owned by the company

Approx. 1 mill. m2 planned for construction



Our subgoals revolve around building a good reputation by focusing on high-quality development and construction to generate the maximum feasible value and returns for our shareholder community, with a key focus on the following key areas:

- Completing the 55,000 m2 seafood terminal WSC and simultaneously applying the necessary changes to develop and build an additional approx. 30,000 m2 within seafood logistics and other complementary logistics on neighbouring plots in the OAC Central Park.

- Continuation of the mobility cluster on neighbouring plots to the Porsche Center Gardermoen, completed in 2022, with new sales and facilitation/service buildings totalling around 12,500 m2.

- Finalising regulations and applying for rental agreements in the OAC Logistics Park, with incremental development from the south to a total of approx. 35,000 m2.

- To develop and construct a hotel, including conference facilities, restaurants, commerce, and activities in the central area, to a total of approx. 35,000 m2

This will take place in the area right by Oslo Airport Gardermoen/OSL, Flytoget, E6, E16, and Jessheim, which continues to attract businesses from all sectors of the economy, as well as offering a broad and diverse range of services.

Globalisation leads to a growing demand for jobs, accommodation, congress facilities, services, logistics and recreation in immediate proximity to state-of-the-art transport connections - locally, nationally, and internationally.

Board of directors

  • Thor E. Thoeneie


  • Fredrik Torgersen


  • Anders Vedal

    Board member

  • Bengt Rem

    Board member

  • Morten Grongstad

    Board member

  • Finn Erik Røed

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